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Our goal is to use research to promote the recognition of Nature's rights, in addition to environmental justice, and water rights

Legal action

We give legal advice and take legal action on behalf of our partners and members, defending Nature's rights in front of international and Canadian tribunals

Global approach

Our goal is to group community members, lawyers in private practice, attorneys around the world, governmental organizations, universities and research centers


About Us

The lack of water in the planet is an indisputable reality. Climate change, the exploration and exploitation of natural resources, and the lack of strict regulation of mining companies are, among other things, the main causes of the environmental crisis today.



Despite the existence of international agreements and treaties to protect Nature, it continues to deteriorate. It appears that the mechanisms put in place for its protection must evolve, in order to guarantee a healthy environment for future generations.




However, the acceptance of a new paradigm perceiving Nature as a subject of law is necessary to work in this way. Recognition of the existence of compensable ecological damage is essential. Our vision and our work are undoubtedly aligned in this way: We promote the recognition of the rights of Nature in Quebec and Canada, and we contribute to its recognition at the global level. Research and information dissemination are our key tools. We seek to build and promote incentives to stimulate discussion at the legislative level.




We will also speak for Nature in national and international courts, working with lawyers from a variety of backgrounds to bring about legal change.


Our Job



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