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Yenny Vega Cardenas, President

Yenny Vega Cardenas, lawyer in Canada (Quebec) and in Colombia, holds a Masters in Business Law and a Ph.D in Water resources management (Université de Montréal ). She teaches International Public Law and Comparative Law at the University of Montréal and she is an invited professor in numerous universities in Latin America. Counselor for International Development at the Université de Montréal, she has conducted extensive research in the field of Water Law, human right to water and sanitation as essential to the realization of all human rights. She has published several scientific articles in English, French and Spanish, and she is often invited to participate in international and national conferences related to her expertise. Very involved in social issues, she has participated in different public hearings in Quebec linked to the Environment and Natural Resources. Her book “The Construction of the Legal Status of Water in Canada and in Mexico” reveals the influence of international and national agents in the construction of water Law in North America. Her article related to International Arbitration and Water issues highlights the difficulty to conciliate international business rules and the necessity to protect Human Rights and the Environment.

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